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My name is Bennett McIntosh. I am a PhD student in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology (HSMT) program at UW-Madison. This means I get to spend all day writing, thinking, and talking about how science and scientists shape the world we live in—and vice versa—which I think is a pretty sweet gig.

My primary interests are in the 21st-century history of biology. Specifically, ask how new forms of collaboration between genetics and the social sciences have developed in the two decades since the sequencing of the human genome.


Before moving to Madison, I was a Boston-based freelance science writer. This site hosts or links to much of my science reporting and writing, both from that era and since. Before going freelance, I wrote in-house for the Hertz Foundation, Princeton University and the University of California, San Francisco.

I studied Chemistry at Princeton and then Science Writing at MIT. My research on protein structure and function at Princeton took me to labs in the UK and Czechia; back at Princeton I wrote a thesis on my work in the Hecht Lab on a designed library of de novo proteins.


I am originally from Littleton, Colorado. I express my nostalgia for the Centennial State by occasionally making hot sauce and walking up very tall hills.